Benson Saulo on Identity, Faith, Family, Social Impact and Living Courageously

  • Benson’s early life in Tamworth in rural NSW, and his early career in the banking and finance industry following moves to Sydney and then Melbourne
  • The importance of culture and identity, growing up as the son of an Indigenous mother and a Papua New Guinean father
  • Becoming a husband and a father, and the role of family in Benson’s life
  • Walking the Camino de Santiago and the importance of faith, spirituality, and mindfulness
  • Benson’s year as the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations in 2011, and the powerful stories that have stayed with him from travelling around Australia
  • The social purpose/impact space in Australia, and Benson’s work with the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy and other organisations
  • Benson’s appointment as the first Indigenous Consul-General to the United States, and his upcoming move to Houston, Texas to represent Australia
  • The current state of affairs in the US, with the COVID-19 pandemic, mass civic unrest, and economic devastation
  • What kind of an impact Benson would like to make in the future



Writer and podcaster in Sydney, Australia

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